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Hand-in help payroll taxes

With this this hand-in help/checklist we make it easy for you to provide us with documents needed for the declaration of payroll taxes of your employees.

Please make sure we will receive the required documents in time.

In order to be able to file a payroll tax return, we need the following documents:

  1. Signed employment contract;
  2. Completed payroll tax statement: click here for the form in English;
  3. Overview of employee personal data: click here to fill in our form;
  4. Copy of employee's ID or passport (please copy both sides, no driver's license);
  5. Copy of bank card relating to wage payments: this account must be ascribed to the employee (Wet Arbeid in Balans);
  6. Is the employee using a company car? Please also fill- and hand-in this form (due to wage addition/bijtelling).

We would like to receive the employment contract, completed forms and copies by e-mail.

Thank you!